We offer a broad range of Helena Agri-Enterprises’ inputs internationally which are used in agricultural production and specialty markets. They include efficiency enhanced fertilizer, adjuvant, bio-stimulant, soil amendment, and many other products that enhance plant production, promote plant health, modify soil and water used in spraying operations. The primary goal of Helena Products is to help customers succeed by providing high-quality products and technical advice that turns problems into solutions and thus improve their profit potentials.

  • Adjuvants are used to modify the physical characteristic(s) of a liquid spray application to improve its performance. That can include many different functions — from improving the coverage of an application to spray drift reduction to water conditioning and other functions. Adjuvants include such products as nonionic surfactants, crop oil concentrates, water conditioners, stickers, drift reduction agents, and deposition agents.
  • Crop Production products are used to enhance growth and/or provide beneficial effects that result in a more favorable growing environment.
    • Bioscience products utilize natural mechanisms to enhance plant growth and improve the soil environment. The principle behind product development of BioScience products is to discover, isolate and replicate modes of action of newly discovered compounds that have a beneficial agronomic effect.
    • Nutritional products include soil- and foliar-applied specialty fertilizers and micronutrients. This extensive line of products includes a wide array of nutritional formulations and blends applied by themselves or impregnated on and applied with NPK blends.
  • Helena Fertilizers are precision-formulated nutritionals that offer maximum efficiency and low-rate technology to help maximize yield potential. They are designed to increase availability of specific nutrients to crops when used in conjunction with intensive agricultural production practices. This growing class of products includes starter fertilizers, products that can be applied with starter fertilizers and others that can be foliar applied or delivered via irrigation.
    • CoRoN
    • Nucleus

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