About Us

Marubeni Specialty Chemicals (SCHM), a division of Marubeni America Corporation, imports, exports, and distributes specialty chemicals, industrial plastics, and packaging materials across a broad range of industries, including, but not limited to, Paper, Adhesives, Water Treatment, Electronics, Automotive, and Construction Chemicals. We also participate in the sourcing, marketing, technical support, financing, and warehousing of chemicals.

Marubeni’s Specialty Chemicals Division is based out of Harrison, NY and is always seeking new opportunities with manufacturers in emerging markets that can offer cutting-edge technologies.

Our experienced sales staff offer extensive product lines and provide our customers the opportunity to take full advantage of the global chemical market in order to realize the highest quality products at competitive prices. Emphasis is placed on providing superb customer service to both domestic and international customers utilizing Marubeni’s vast network and worldwide offices.

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